Wednesday, 23 March 2016


Last Thursday it was just a normal day. Everyone was sitting on there sits boing there reading 
With mr Blakey. Most of the othere people were finishing there riting then there was acitdent.

The he iPad cobid was,ent baleced proppaly. There was a jar of Marballs on top of the cabed.
When central Whent to get a stales the jar of Marballs smashed right on the ground but central 
Did not get heart she got scared very very fritin and everyone felt very sorry for her.

That night mr Blakey had to cerefully sweep the small pesis in the morning all the glass was gone. If we had left shattered glass one the carpet we would cut our feet one the sharp glass.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016


One morning mr. Blakey brought some acorn to school. he showed the whole class the colour. It was a very very light green but some acorns are brown. The shape of the acorn was a ovele. The top of it looks like scally. The size of it is smaller then a key. I felt the inside it felt super smooth

The answer

Friday, 4 March 2016

My math,s

My math,s 2

The rescue

Going to the pools

It was a scorching day angel and her friend,s went to the amazing pool.angel was so excited she ate lots of cereal.then her mum said are you going to the pool,s yes said Angel you have to go with your big sister OK said Angel. 

When Angel and her friends and her big sister got to the pools she put on her togs. She went straight to the pool but she didn't put on her togs properly. When She jumped in the pool her togs came of.   

But she had had an idea. She could swim to the bottom of the pool. Then she went and got her togs then she put on  her togs on properly.she played happyly ever after the end.