Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Hiwi the kiwi

Yesterday we went to the hall to see a company called hiwi the kiwi. There was this man and his wife I forgot there names. But know that they travel around the world to different kinds of schools. The first thing I learnt from hiwi the kiwi is that if you go fishing always bring a chilly bin with ice in it so that all the fish you called down in the chilly bin. The second thing I learnt  from hiwi the kiwi ia that if you see a snapa fish and you know it is a mama one DON’T  get her because she might have baby's in her tummy and the baby fish won't be able to grow up. And the last thing a Learnt from hiwi the kiwi is if you cach a fish don't pick it up with your hands pick it up with a wet towel.

Friday, 19 August 2016

100m sprint

Do you know what it's like to be in the Olympic finals Sprint.”on your marks.” We were under starters orders.” How did you feel when you started the race.” When they started calling the countries that were competing the crowd went will although it was a bite to loud!” When the race started what were you imagining how were you thinking the race will go!” Well when I was thinking in my mind that I was going to be nervous because I won't do my best nervous that I will be the last one to cross the line. But I said a quick prayer and I felt a bite confident.” How did the race start!” The starter fired his pistol and that's how I know!” In the race what was the problem!” I tripped over!” How did you solv the problem!” I got up and gave it a little rub and then I tried to keep up with the others!” How did the race end!” I ran really fast like a cheetah then I saw the line. I ran so fast that I nearly came last place. I  cam 4th place. When I saw my coach he said “ well done you tried your best!”

Friday, 5 August 2016


A long time ago in Ancient Greece there was a women called kallipatera. It was a sad day for there family because there father past away. Kallipatera had ten dathers and one son.the son was disappointed because the father was his coach. 

His mum decided she will coach him although women were not allowed to coach. The son trained really hard and ate healthy every day.

On the day of the finals the son fealt confident but a bite nervous there was only one event the hundred metre sprint.her came the race the mother was disgusted as a mans. There were five police werestanding next to Kallipatera.when the son won the race kallipatera Whent to go congratulate the son then her disgust got tangle and fell off but she was wereing her normal clothes the police saw Kallipatera and said” it,s a women grab her” then he said” what I know her husband he was a good man let her go”. Then the son,s team mates said” but she broke the law know women waching sports know women playing sports and know women coaching sports but she did a great job miss can you coach us” the mum says not until they change the law