Friday, 24 June 2016


Matariki is a moari tradition of the moari New Years. Matariki starts in  the middle of June, to celebrate the New Years you can set of fireworks, you can have a hangi you can even get a face paint. I think matariki is about the 7 which are an sisters some people also sing very very sad songsthat will get you into tears.

Know big deal

Monday, 20 June 2016

Paper mache house

I chose these colours because my favourite colour and the colour I'm useing is turquoise I don,t really know if this is turquoise and my roof is dark dark red and my windows are yellow like the lights are on and the door is brown

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

My weekend

On the weekend I'm going to the airport because my Aunty is going asrylya to live there she is going in two week,s and my brother is going to asrylya too. He going in two week,s but he won,t be going to my Aunty,s fear well party. I'm going Tonga on December the 30th.

Mr Blakey,s accident

On Friday after school mr Blakey was riding home on his bike as usely then he was near a round about then this white car was driving super fast. Mr Blakey tried to move but the car was going so fast that the car accidentally crashed mr Blakey. Mr Blakey banged his body on the car window and fell on the cockrc some nice people helped mr Blakey and I think one of the nice people called the ambulance and the police.

Friday, 10 June 2016

My long weekend

On long weekend I went to my mum,s break up for her basketball team tonament She had a tonament she played for two teams. They had karaoke land a big feed.

I did karaoke but I was a bite shy there was not that much people there the first song I sang was called Dimond,s in the shy. I had a feed I had chop suwi and punk in soup.

After the feed we said a pre and I went home the one thing i liked about the break up was the karaoke it was sooo fun.


Today is assembly day I have one thing to talk about. This was the saddest part of assembly miss Sadler was going over sea,s mostly everyone was upset. I was in tear,s because miss Sadler was going TODAY but miss Sadler said she will visit us.